Interpersonal communication must learn to regret

Do you know that if your colleagues all seem to be inaccessible to the iceberg, it may be that there is a problem with the method you use. If you can contact them in another way, then your relationship can go a thousand miles and break through the ice.

Do you know what is the most important communication strategy in the workplace?

Let’s explore it together.

  The talent of a watch is the “first watch talent”, which means that when you first meet a stranger for the first time, we all know that the first impression is important, to make a good impression on the other party, especially to make the other partyRemember you in the shortest time.

Then our own manners and behaviors are very important; we must pay attention to our connotation, cultivation, and so on, and these cannot be developed overnight, and require us to develop good habits in ordinary life.

  The two sets of clothing are called “two sets of clothing”, which means what kind of clothes to wear on a certain occasion, and your dress must suit the environment at that time.

The “two outfits” also told us to be easy-going, to be flexible in how things are done, and not to die hard.

  Three glasses of alcohol The so-called “three glasses of alcohol” means that if one does not drink alcohol, interpersonal relationships are not easy to handle.

A person should drink alcohol, but not drink too much; an appropriate amount can close the relationship between people, but too much will lead to “drink disorder”; drinking an appropriate amount is good for both the body and interpersonal relationships.

  Four-ring Mahjong The so-called “four-ring Mahjong” means that a person must have a wide range of hobbies, say certain things to certain people, and do certain things. You must also play what he plays, and you must play what he likes.Get to know it, but you don’t need to be proficient.

For example, people talk to you about recent sports news, but you just do n’t like sports and you do n’t know about it. When people talk about it, you can only be “Zhang Er Monk”.

This is also called “Long-line fishing for big fish”.

  Five-party friends The so-called “five-party friends” means “five parties in the southeast and northwest”. You cannot admit that you are a friend. You never know what kind of friends you need. When you associate with some people to a certain extent, you haveThere is a normative standard, but you cannot prevent him from making friends.

  Qi Liu Qishan We all know that “Liqi Qiqishan” means that Zhuge Liang Liuqi Qishan cuts Wei and knows that it cannot be done.

The so-called “liuqiqishan” means that we alone promised others and promised others, although you ca n’t do it, you must do your best to do it; ask us to ask only if it should not, and less if it is possible, we must knowThere is nothing impossible in the world.

  ”Surgery” of seven strokes: a spell, a different method; “beating a horse”: a fart.

“Seven strokes” means that you have to praise your boss’ decision before you, but you have to tell him something unfavorable behind you; 70% of horseshit and 30% of sincere advice.

  Eight-mouth bragging The so-called “eight-mouth bragging” is to believe that anyone who has seen the Taiwan version of the Meteor Garden will have a good memory of a famous saying in Daoming Temple. If the apology is useful, what should the police do?

It seems that apology is not necessary for Daoming Temple. In reality, many people are not good at apology, but if we want to survive in the society and have real friends, we must all learn to apologize.

Mastering the knowledge of apology and using apology techniques correctly will make your life full of sunshine.

  1. Know where you are wrong. Think about where you went wrong and hurt others.

It is better to clearly recognize mistakes and make targeted apologies.

  2. An effective apology that dares to take responsibility is not a trick to argue for yourself, nor is it to deceive others for forgiveness. You must have a sense of responsibility, have the courage to blame, and the courage to admit fault.

  3. Use clear and correct words, not inflammatory words.

  Usually, the victim wants nothing more than you to admit your mistake and to show that such harm will not happen again in the future.

Therefore, when using words to apologize, you must pay attention to: excessive emotional words do not help.

The point of the apology is: make it clear.


Sincere apology message.

  4, thinking about the perspective of regret. Road behind can be carried out in a character-to-character or person-to-person manner, depending on the situation.

For example, the two executives in the company have a conflict in language. If one party is still angry with the other, they can stand in the role of position and express to the other party: “We both work in a good company, and I shouldLearn more about the differences between us.

I’m sorry for the rudeness of the previous speech.

“In this way, unless the opponent is still angry, but the atmosphere of confrontation has been lessened.

  5, straightforward apologies for doing something wrong and saying something wrong, you can apologize directly to the other side.

You can apologize to the other party by saying “I’m sorry” or “I’m wrong.” This kind of sincere and frank attitude is easy for the other party to understand.

  6. If you feel regretful and can’t say it, you can use other methods instead.

  A bunch of flowers can be dismissed in the past; placing a small gift on the other party’s table or under the pillow can show remorse to show love and love; everyone can communicate without touching and touching. This is the so-called “At this timeSilence is better than sound. ”

  7. Apologies are not a shame, but a sincere and sincere performance.  The big men sometimes apologized. Churchill had a bad impression of Truman at first, but later he told Truman that he had previously underestimated him, apologizing in praise.

  8. Ask someone to apologize on your behalf for how you are not suitable to come forward, you can turn to a third party.

You can give or suggest your regret to another friend you are familiar with, and ask him to apologize to you.

  9. Exaggerate your faults The more you exaggerate your faults, the more the other party has to forgive you.

  10. Take specific compensation actions to give the other party a small gift, and ask the other party to eat together.

Specific actions can better show your sincerity.

  11. Praise the other person’s generosity. When most people are praised, they will unconsciously do what they say.

  12. Apologize in time. If you think someone has offended you and the other party didn’t apologize, then you should calm down, don’t be unhappy, and don’t get angry, maybe the other party is upset about how to apologize.

  13. If you are not wrong, don’t admit it for the sake of peace.

  This approach is not good for anyone.

You need to distinguish the difference between deep regret and apology. There are some things you can express regret, but you don’t need to apologize.

  14. A written apology is sometimes not enough to say “sorry” in your mouth.

Write more on paper than you say in your mouth.

You can write a letter or e-mail to the other person expressing your heartfelt regret.

This kind of conversation can not only achieve the purpose of apology, but also avoid some embarrassing scenes.

  15. Give the other side a chance to vent your unhappiness, and let the other side scold you, and send out the anger in your heart, which is a good way to restore friendship.

Otherwise, the dissatisfaction will accumulate in your chest for several years, and you and the other party will never be repaired.

  16. Correcting mistakes for forgiveness Some mistakes are not forgivable by expressing apology to the other party. While expressing the intention of refunding to the other party, the actual action to correct the fault is often the most sincere, direct and persuasiveForce.
Say that one does not “brave”, then they do not know what you have done; one bragged too much, and everyone exchanged you with no sense of trust; so it is possible to exaggerate your contribution slightly, but to over-expand your abilitynot good.

When a person suffers from others, it is an exaggeration to exaggerate others properly; two people go out to do things and come back to report to their superiors, bragging when I say, bragging when I say, then both of us are magnified, so people shouldboast”.
When someone has a relationship with someone who has been in the past, they have to win people’s favor.

  Nine points of effort The so-called “nine points of effort” means that we have to work hard, work hard, study hard, and improve our ability.

  Very patience The so-called “very patience” means that one must have patience and endurance.

If a person does not have patience, then the first nine are equal to zero no matter how well they are done.