Experience: 10 things to do for skin care before going to bed

The first tip: “Oil” fill the whole body with massage oil or moisturizing baby oil and slowly massage it to make the whole body absorb.

In order to avoid your favorite pajamas after oiling, it is best to change to old clothes before going to bed.

  The second tip: sugar to remove lip skin to remove dead skin on the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, gently rubbing on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm, you can rest assured to sleep.

[推荐:八个实用的润唇法则]   第3要诀:茶包敷眼   这是传统的敷眼法。Apply two used and refrigerated tea bags to the eyelids and rest for a few minutes to restore soothing skin to both eyes.

  Tip # 4: Preventive care for women is most concerned about exposing the fine lines of alignment because it will betray your age.

You can use a moisturizing cream to massage and heal, causing a series of skin to absorb nutrients.

Note that when applying the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible, otherwise it will be self-defeating.

[颈部护理的几个健康小窍门]   第5要诀:滋润双手   平时要经常涂护手霜滋润双手,在睡觉前做效果会更好,这样肌肤才能得到一整夜的滋润。[多层次滋润告别“枯枝手”]   第6要诀:伸展运动   不想年老时骨头僵化,就要从年轻时开始做运动,而睡前伸一伸腿就是最好的方法。You only need to take a few minutes to do some exercise to change the pressure, relieve blood pressure, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.

  Tip 7: Do n’t drink too much. Sisters, please remember, do n’t indulge yourself in drinking too much water before going to bed, otherwise your eyes will swell after waking up the next day.

Or, don’t go to bed immediately if you drink too much water.

  Tip 8: Skin hydration Before going to bed, if your skin feels dry, you can spray water containing mint oil on your face, which has a moisturizing effect.

  Tip 9: Foot massage Walking too much or standing too long during the day will cause pain and weakness in your feet, so you should apply lotion after showering or before going to bed to moisturize your feet, or spray on feet that relieve stressSpray on your feet to restore elasticity to the skin of your feet.

  Tenth tip: Sleeping for 8 hours is not an easy task for modern people to go to bed early and get up early, but each person needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day.