Why doesn’t Guonan like to be the father?

A country man loves a country man who loves to die. It is because the country man is unwilling to be the father.

In the evolution of foreign men’s superiority and inferiority, the national men would not fall to the ground.

Some people speculate that foreign men regard each other’s children as God’s extra gifts.

  For the sake of happiness, before you bring your own “extra gift” and take the “do not blame many people” route, it is best to consult a professional ethics master in marriage.

  Is this foreign man so stupid?

Why not be so lazy when you have children?

You may have seen “PREGNANT?”

I can hold hands.

“When did you see an ad across the street:” Not pregnant? ”

I can hold hands.


  The birth of Guonan’s dead point is that Guonan always thinks that marriage is a life-long thing, so he has many things to think about.

The realm of foreign men, we have had as a child.

At that time, I felt that it was a special advantage to be a father to others, and it was very good to scold “I am your father”.

When I grow up, I know that this is a life-threatening event, and I ca n’t make any promises.

Foreigners follow the feeling from finding friends to getting married, and they plan to live with you for a lifetime before they meet.

The age of the woman does not matter whether she has children or not, what is important is HAVE FUN, or “cherish today”.

I’ve seen old beauties who are twenty years older than men, and it feels like they moved and lived together.

An American classmate said that his parents got married four times and gave birth to four younger brothers with different surnames. He refused: they only care about themselves, settled, left unhappy, and did not take their children seriously.

  But sometimes Hou can’t be separated if he walks, and he walks for a lifetime.

In the words of the young Shenyang, it is as simple as men and women’s affairs. Once you leave, a relationship will disappear, hey; once you don’t leave, you will be gone for a lifetime, hey.

  The male thinks too much and delays the good marriage.

  Guonan takes his children very seriously, and imitates them casually: Old American families put their children at home, and it is too normal for them to travel by themselves, but old Chinese families rarely do.

Our males feel that they have to be responsible for their children for a lifetime. If the son does not teach, the father will pass, and he will be embarrassed to accept the children as gifts.

The American classmates admire Chinese parents very much and are responsible for themselves and their children.

When we send our children to this class of busy children, we also have to send them to marry a friend. The child’s younger father’s boss is unhappy and feels it is not necessary.

  The term “extra gift” sounds like a cat. Cats are not necessarily born by themselves. Buying one extra gift for “extra gift” is even more profitable.

  There is a more important reason. Most of us grow up in a society with both parents. It is not uncommon for children to get nothing.

The United States has a divorce rate of more than 50%. Think of our children ‘s classmates and neighbors. Are there many divorced families?

When I travel, I often encounter children who fly around to visit their parents and talk about their parents’ divorce.

I grew up in this blessed stepfather environment. I haven’t eaten the stepfather’s meat, and I’ve seen the stepfather run. The technique of the stepfather has already been popular. Of course, when the stepfather is more successful than the grandpa.

  Fortunately, the divorce rate in the motherland is increasing rapidly. It is said that the big cities have been connected with foreign countries. Children who grow up in this environment must be more able to accept each other’s children. Dad is not your biological father, nor is your grandma.Grandma’s model show ideals will eventually become a reality in Divine Land.

At that time, it was a woman who brought a child. You do n’t want to be a bachelor and be a father.

  Anyway, others are also your children’s fathers.