Chestnut 苨

荠 苨 An apricot leaf ginseng, also known as sweet bellflower, is called apricot leaf vegetable in the northeast.

Genus Bellflower.

Su Song said: “The roots are like Chinese bellflowers, and they accept them as fruit or preserved fruits, which are very sweet.”

The tender seedlings are edible, and are good spring wild vegetables. The roots are used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual taste root: sweet, cold, non-toxic.

  Contains protein, trace, vitamin C, saponin ingredients.

  Function to relieve thirst and detoxify.

  [误食草药中毒]  杏叶沙参30-60克,煎浓汤频频灌服。  [疔疖肿毒]  鲜草及根捣烂绞汁服,以渣敷患部,不过三度有效《干金方》。  [误服钩吻中毒]  荠苨240克煎汤,一日5次饮服,(《金匿玉函》方)。