[Ejiao can be eaten in the first month of pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Effect

Ejiao is made by donkey skin cooking and stewing. It is taught that it has a great nourishing effect on the human body. Especially for women, eating Ejiao will also help regulate menstruation and pain, and promote qi and blood circulation.

Although many foods for pregnant women cannot be eaten, a lot of experts believe that pregnant women can eat gelatin, because gelatin helps the baby in the belly of the pregnant woman to grow.

But when a woman is pregnant for the first month, can she eat Ejiao?

Experts believe that gelatin can be eaten every month during pregnancy, but pregnant women can eat gelatin, but the time for supplementation is particular.

Ejiao has the effects of regulating menstruation and preserving fetuses, enhancing physical fitness, strengthening brain and nourishing intelligence, etc. Pregnant women with a cold body can eat a little during the second trimester, which has the effect of nourishing blood and conceiving.

From the perspective of pregnant women’s anemia, it should be said that pregnant women can take gelatin, but we must pay attention to the timing of taking it.

Because gelatin promotes blood circulation, if it is early pregnancy, it is not allowed to eat it; if it is late pregnancy, it is not allowed to eat it, because it may cause contractions.

Consumption of Ejiao is recommended to be taken alone, 10g daily, so morning and evening, so pregnant women must be cautious when eating Ejiao.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers consult a doctor before eating gelatin, and determine whether they can take gelatin according to their physical constitution and the specific time of pregnancy, to avoid contraindications.

How often does gelatin eat? Better gelatin can be eaten every day.

You can eat once or twice a day.

But be careful not to eat too much at one time, but eat slowly.

Adopting methods is feasible, with different uses and usages, so it depends on your purpose and choose the correct method.

However, it is usually enough to eat Ejiao once a day, and it is usually taken before meals (half an hour before meals). If you feel improvement, you can eat once every two to three days.

Just don’t eat during menstruation.

Authentic Ejiao is made from donkey skin. Guidance: Ejiao has the effects of nourishing blood, stopping bleeding, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs.

It can also be taken as glutamate beads, 515 grams each time.

Take gelatin syrup from 6-10 grams, crush it, put it in a bowl, add boiling water for at most half a bowl.


If conditions permit, you can eat one piece at a time, otherwise half or a third can be 30g per day?
Just eat 50g.