Heatstroke prevention diet

Mung bean soup ingredients: 100 grams of mung beans, 25 grams of brown sugar.

  Production: Boil the mung beans, mash them in a pot with a spoon and mash them like mud, then cook over low heat until there is no soup, season with brown sugar and serve.

  Efficacy: Qingrejiedu.

Treatment of pediatric summer fever and sores.

When summer is hot, children often take the heat and clear the heat to relieve irritation and quench thirst.

  Mung Bean Pork Belly Soup Ingredients: 1 pork belly, 250 g of mung beans, 15 g of refined salt.

  Production: Clean the pork belly and cut into slices. Add water to the wok, and simmer with refined salt.

After washing the mung beans, add water to the casserole (the water must not be mung beans), cook until flowering, remove the husks, pour the soup together into the wok, and simmer with warm water for half an hour.

Smell the aroma and be edible.

  Efficacy: Pork belly is smooth, rich bean flavor, sweating and relieve heat.

  In summer, the days are short, the temperature is high, the body’s metabolism is strong, the consumption is large, and it is easy to feel tired.

In addition to diet, adequate sleep can relax the brain and body systems, which is not only conducive to work and study, but also a measure to prevent heat stroke.

  Bitter melon soy bean ribs material: 500 grams of fresh bitter melon, 200 grams of soybeans, 250 grams of pork ribs, ginger 3?
4 tablets.

  Production: First wash the bitter gourd, soybeans, pork ribs, ginger with water, soak the bitter gourd and cut into pieces, soak the soybeans for a while; cut the ribs into sections, then put them into a clay pot together, add 1200 ml of water (about 6 bowls of water)After boiling with the Wuhuo pot, switch to the Wenhuo pot for 1 hour until 600 to 800 ml (about 3?
4 bowls of water), season with salt, drink soup and bitter gourd and pork ribs.

  Efficacy: The bitter melon soy bean rib soup has bitter sweetness, moisturizing, clearing heat and clearing eyesight, and detoxifying eyesight. It is also commonly used in the folk to treat symptoms such as sensation of heat and thirst, summer heat, excessive gardenia, and conjunctivitis.

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