Three reasons for the most fatigue

People’s fatigue can be divided into a variety of, but when a person’s body parts of the three substances, people will most often show fatigue symptoms, this symptom is more serious than the average person.

They are iron deficiency fatigue, lack of alkaline fatigue, and lack of vitamin fatigue.


Iron deficiency fatigue mild iron deficiency anemia is characterized by easy fatigue, cold, decreased attention, decreased resistance and so on.

Some women often refuse to eat meat in order to maintain their body shape, and eat vegetables, fruits, melons, etc., such consumption can not provide enough iron, it is easy to bring fatigue to the body.


Women who lack basic fatigue often have physical fatigue, memory loss, backache, dizziness, insomnia, constipation and other symptoms. In fact, this may be an acidic constitution.

Healthy people’s body fluids should be weakly alkaline with a pH of 7.

35 to 7.

Between 45, but bad habits gradually gradually changed into acidity.

To change the acidic body, you should first exercise more, exercise sweating can take away a lot of acidic substances in the body, adjust the acid-base balance.

First, eat more alkaline foods such as kelp, white radish, tofu, red beans, soybeans, apples, onions, tomatoes, spinach, bananas, etc.


Lack of vitamin fatigue Vitamin B1 deficiency or deficiency can make people feel weak, so vitamin B1 can eliminate fatigue.

Vitamin B1 foods include animal offal, meat, and mushrooms.

Lack of vitamin B2 is also prone to fatigue. Foods supplemented with vitamin B2 include animal offal, crab, egg, milk, soybean, pea, broad bean, peanut, and seaweed.