The eight most important foods for postpartum nourishment

It’s a joy to have a baby just now, but don’t forget to make up your body.

Because the mother just gave birth to her baby, her body is greatly injured, and she needs to supplement all kinds of nutrition to stop her body recovery and her healthy growth.

In addition to eating more meat, eggs, fish and other food during the puerperium, the mother should eat more vegetables.

  Because brown sugar contains more glucose and glucose than white sugar, brown sugar causes maternal whole body and nausea after drinking brown sugar.

The high content of iron in brown sugar can provide blood to the mother. Brown sugar contains a variety of trace elements and minerals, which can be used to urinate. It is found that postpartum urinary incontinence promotes the discharge of lochia, brown sugar and raw milk, and analgesic effect.

However, do not consume too much. Generally, it should not exceed 10 days. If the time is too long, bloody lochia will be increased, and in the hot weather, the mother will sweat more and the body will have less salt.

  Eggs Eggs are rich in nutrition, high in amino acids, and also contain lecithin, yolk, and various vitamins and minerals. They are easy to digest and suitable for maternal consumption.

But it’s not like the more you eat, the better.

In some areas, it is customary to eat more eggs, or even eat 20?
30, this is not necessary, because eating too much can not be absorbed by the body, will be excreted in vain, which affects the normal digestive function, so it is not necessary for the mother to exceed 4 a day?
6 eggs.

  Millet Millet is rich in vitamin b1 and vitamin b2, which can help the mother to recover the physical strength, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, and increase appetite.

However, professionals remind that millet porridge should not be too thin, and millet should not be used as a staple food after delivery to avoid lack of other nutrients.

  Chicken soup, fish soup, and pork rib soup are rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals that are absorbed by the body, and the delicious taste can stimulate gastric secretion, increase appetite, and promote lactation.

Maternal sweating coupled with milk secretion requires more water than the average person, so maternal drink more soup.

However, professionals reminded that while drinking more soup, don’t forget to eat more meat. The meat is more nutritious than the soup. The kind of “soup instead of meat” is unscientific.

  Yellow sprouts Yellow sprouts contain a large amount of amino acids, vitamin c, cellulose, etc. Amino acids are the main raw materials for growing community cells, and can repair damaged communities when a child is alive. Vitamin c can increase the elasticity and damage of blood vessel walls and prevent bleeding., Fiber can pass through the bowels to prevent constipation.

  In general, the diet in confinement is multi-faceted, both vegetarian and nutritious, rich in nutrition and alternative digestion.

  Kelp Laminaria contains iodine and iron impurities. Iodine is the main raw material for making thyroxine and iron is the main raw material for making blood cells. Maternal women eat more of this vegetable and can increase the content of milk.

Newborns eat this milk, which helps the body’s growth and development, and prevents stupidity caused by it.

Iron is the main raw material for making red blood cells and has the effect of preventing blood deficiency.

  Lotus root lotus root is rich in a lot of small powder, vitamins and minerals, rich in nutrition, light and refreshing. It is the best new vegetable for removing stasis, and can strengthen the spleen and stomach, moisturize the yin, nourish stasis, clear blood and clear milk.

Parturients eat more lotus roots, which can sever the congested blood accumulated in the abdomen as soon as possible, increase appetite, help digestion, transform milk secretion, and help replace the newborn.

  Daylily Daylily contains amino acids and phosphorus, iron, vitamin a, vitamin c, etc. It is rich in nutrition and delicious in taste. It is especially suitable for soup. It is recorded by Confucian medicine books. It has swelling, urination, antipyretics, and pain relief., Blood, brain effectiveness, prone to abdominal pain and sadness during the puerperium, unlucky urination, pale face and white lips, deep restlessness, eat more day lily can eliminate the above symptoms.