Test: the person you miss

In your life, you will meet many people. Some people will be with you for a lifetime, but some people are just a passenger in your life, appear briefly and then disappear.

And among these people, who is the one who keeps you thinking about it is the beautiful scenery lingering in your heart, then let’s test it.


If you are very tired now, but have a lot of work not completed, you will drink coffee to refresh yourself-3 talk to others about topics of interest to cheer yourself up-2 2.

Do you usually attend class reunions? You will definitely attend—4 if you are free—5 3.

People around you have borrowed something from you and you will always remember books-4 money-5 4.

If you get lost on the road, how do you think of how to come back and call friends for help-7 find a taxi directly to a familiar place-6 5.

Do you have any contact information for people you knew when you were a kid on your phone now?

Every time you go to a new place, your first concern is local cuisine-8 local attractions-9 7.

You prefer one of the following fruit oranges-8 strawberries-9 8.

Do you like a lot of people so far? It is indeed more-9 but it is a very specific type-11 9.

Now there are many shapes and patterns on the paper for you to choose. Which kind of pattern do you think you will choose? Round, arc and other soft closed curves-10 triangles, diamonds or unclosed curves-14 10.

Do you look at the diary you wrote when you were a kid? How do you feel when you look at it? I think it ‘s too naive, and I will laugh every time I see it-12 will occasionally come out to see it, I think it was very interesting -11 11.

你曾经想过要找到小学同学聚会吗想过要举办小学同学聚会——12没有这么想过,但是如果邀请你大概会去——13 12你觉得怎样的人你会想要和他们做朋友  很People who simply don’t care about it-15 and your temperament is most important-14 13.

Your memory of things as a child mainly accumulates your own—15—some interesting things your family says—14 14.

Will you fall in love with marriage as the inevitable?-B will not-A 15.

What do you think is unpleasant in your life now? The relationship is cold-D test result A.

The person you miss the most is the one you haven’t tracked down, or two people who have more than one friend, but they are in love.

Such a person is the most fascinating to you. Maybe you will miss this person after you have a new contact.

Because you are a perfectionist, and for love or for anything, you do n’t know where the flaws are because you ca n’t get it, so for you, you will constantly beautify each other and their feelings in this time., So the love perfected in your own imagination makes you remember.


You are the type of person who will feel regret after losing, so the person you most cherish is not the others, but the most recently lost.

For example, the last lover, you will be annoyed by the loss, but whoever lost because of your own reasons, you will always remember them, but ignore the people around you.

You often lose sight of the other, you are the one who did not expect when you were in communication and separation, only to know how much you care about after separation.


The person who makes you miss the most is the person you like for the first time. For you, love will lose its original taste once it has been for a long time.

The love you like is dim and lingering, so the feeling that the person you like for the first time can’t be replaced by anyone. Even if you forget his name and his looks, you will always remember itThings and feelings like that are people who really make you miss.


The person you miss is your playmate when you were a kid. You are a person with emotional cleanliness but very afraid of being lonely. You are often frustrated by some small things around you. The most feared thing is your enthusiasm for posting to others.indifferent.

So for you, childhood friend-like candid friendship is the most precious.

You are a person who cherishes the people around you, but you also need to know how to choose trustworthy talents.