Whitening products are more likely to cause mercury poisoning in women during the physiological period

“Whitening” warns that patients with mercury poisoning are a female expert, reminding: whitening freckle and wandering, “Where you know that cosmetics can also be poisoned, it’s a beauty blame.

“In a ward of the Department of Nephrology of the 307 Hospital, all three inpatients are beautiful women pursuing fair skin. They are being treated in the hospital because of mercury poisoning caused by the use of cosmetics with a severe excess of mercury.

  Ms. Song Song, a 38-year-old patient, has reached 160 times the normal mercury level.

Ms. Song said that she was doing whitening skincare in a private beauty salon in Northeast China, using a series of products provided by the beauty salon, including day cream, night cream, eye cream, facial mask, etc. After using these products for more than 10 days of continuous whitening, Ms. Song appeared lightMouth ulcers, irritability and other symptoms; later the symptoms gradually worsened, developed to numbness and tingling of fingers, general weakness, backache, hair loss, eyelid and lower limb edema.

The other girls in the same ward as Ms. Song were from Inner Mongolia and Hebei. They also used cosmetics with a severe mercury content and caused mercury poisoning. They had backache, leg pain, and lower limb edema.

  Wang Hanbin, director of the Department of Nephrology at 307 Hospital, said that starting in January this year, the Department of Nephrology had treated more than 160 patients who used cosmetics to cause mercury poisoning and nephrotic syndrome, all of whom were women.

Hao Fengtong, chief physician of the Department of Occupational Diseases and Poisoning Medicine of Chaoyang Hospital, also said that cosmetic mercury poisoning has a significant gender characteristic. “In the 30 years of my practice, I have not encountered a case of male cosmetic mercury poisoning.

Director Hao said that the use of whitening and freckle removing products now causes mercury poisoning to no longer need to accumulate for several months to years. Some people are poisoned after only using the product for one month.At the same time, it is also related to the frequency of patients’ use: The patients being treated today do not take the time to apply some whitening freckle cream. They are using “packages”. According to different arrangements of the day, they need to use day cream, mask and night cream, etc.

  Obviously, due to the hidden performance of mercury poisoning, too many patients did not know that it was caused by cosmetics at the time of consultation.

Experts especially remind that mercury is widely distributed in the human body and can easily penetrate various tissue barriers in the human body.

Therefore, women’s mercury poisoning, in a specific physiological period, damages itself, and in the perinatal period, it may also hurt children.