Diet Taboos of Six Common Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients. However, if they are eaten improperly, they will not only absorb nutrients, but may be harmful to health.

6 improper ways to eat vegetables, please pay attention!

  Eating tomatoes before meals Eating tomatoes before meals can easily increase stomach acid, and consumers will have discomfort such as heartburn and abdominal pain.

And eating tomatoes after a meal, because stomach acid has been mixed with food, the acidity in the stomach will be reduced, these symptoms can be avoided.

  Carrot juice, wine and drink American food experts have found that if carrot juice rich in carotene is implanted with alcohol, it can produce toxins in the liver and cause liver disease.

Therefore, it is recommended that people do not drink alcohol after putting in carrot juice, or put carrot juice after drinking alcohol.

  Lentinus edodes is over-soaked and ergosterol is added. This substance turns into vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

If soaked in water or washed too much, nutrients such as ergosterol will be lost.

  The fried bean sprouts are less delicious and rich in nutrition, but they must be cooked before eating.

Otherwise, because the bean sprouts contain traces of harmful substances such as protease inhibitors, it may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions after consumption.

  Fried bitter gourd does not sting the oxalic acid contained in bitter gourd can prevent the absorption of calcium in food.

Therefore, before frying bitter gourd, the bitter gourd should be boiled in boiling water for a while, and oxalic acid should be removed before cooking.

  Long-term storage of green leafy vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables such as leeks) can produce a large amount of nitrite.Weak and sensitive people.

Therefore, neither green leafy vegetables should be sintered nor stored for too long.