[How to make lemon fragrant rouge tablets]_Homemade method of lemon fragrant rouge tablets_How to make lemon fragrant rouge tablets_How to make lemon fragrant rouge tablets

There are so many men and women left in society today, and you are not married at the age of marriage, and the family must be in a hurry. So what do you do?

In order to find a better one, you will definitely wait.

But in the process of waiting, you do not hinder improving yourself, learn to make a few delicious side dishes to add points for yourself.

Let ‘s introduce the practice of the lemon-scented rouge tablet.


Wash and peel the lotus root, cut into thin slices, rinse with water, and soak it in water with a small amount of white vinegar to prevent the amount from discoloring2.

1 Add to the cooking machine, pour a bowl of cool white and break into 3 pieces.

2 Wash purple cabbage and cut into small pieces 4.

Take 5 juice.

2 Filter 6.

Squeeze the lemon juice into the purple cabbage juice and stir it. A chemical reaction occurs. The juice will immediately turn pink. Add honey and stir into the juice for use.

Put the scallion pieces in boiling water and blanch them for 1 minute.

Soak the slices in purple cabbage juice and refrigerate for more than 3 hours9.

You can have small gatherings in life when you take out the plate when you eat, but have you never performed?

You must be unhappy like this.

Therefore, with the detailed method of lemon balm rouge, you can show your cooking skills and be the most versatile one.