What situation do you want to settle down for?

What do you want to settle from your travel certification? Translation: If you travel but have limited travel expenses, which one will you realize more?


Aircraft seats 2.

Level 3 of the restaurant.

Quality of food 4.

Analysis of the cost of shopping answers: 1.

I choose the “airplane seat” when I have no money or value, I want to find a person to settle down: This type of people feel that the world is big when they have money and leisure, and love can only be a snack to make themselves happy.Go on your own and wait until you have no money or value to realize that true love is important and want to stabilize.


Choose “hotel level” When two people have a child, they have to settle down in order to be responsible: this type of person will always be like a child and loves the feeling of love, as long as they are with each other, they can care nothing, but carelessWith children, they will choose to settle down and give the children an explanation.


Choose “quality of food” when you feel old, and you ca n’t play anymore, you will settle down: this type of person will be determined by his mental age. When he ‘s played enough, he should have seen everythingWhen your mind is mature, you will want to find a suitable partner to accompany your life.


When you choose “the cost of shopping”, you only want to find a partner to settle down when you feel lonely: This type of person likes to be lively. When he finds that there is only one person left, no friend can accompany him, and he feels very lonelyAt this time, I started to want to find a companion who can always accompany myself.